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Chiropractor Pace FL Dustin Weber with Team
Chiropractor Pace FL Dustin Weber

Dustin L. Weber MED, DC

Dr. Dustin L. Weber was born and raised on the plains of Kansas. He grew up a diehard Kansas Jayhawks Fan and dreamed of playing baseball and basketball there. Dr. Weber’s chiropractic story started long before he knew. Through the course of high school, baseball became is passion. So much so that he was award both an academic and athletic scholarship to pitch for a local college program.

Unfortunately, as fate would have it Dr. Weber suffered a season ending shoulder surgery his freshman year. After a year of rehab he tried to make another comeback but again injured his throwing shoulder and had yet another operation. At this point he knew something was seriously wrong with his back and shoulder, so much so that his medical doctors suggested exploratory surgery in his mid spine and neck. At 22 years old, the idea of another surgery was not appealing. Dr. Weber decided to focus on his academics and injury rehab. Upon graduation with his bachelors in biology, Dr. Weber was awarded a scholarship for his master’s degree as a research assistant in a research lab. This is where fate would interject.

“I was working in the lab one day and met a local chiropractor who was somehow affiliated with our program as a sport med doctor. We started chatting and soon the topic of my shoulder and back came up. He listened intently as I described the constant pain, numbness and tingling I was feeling on the right side of my spine and neck. He then asked if I had ever seen a chiropractor for this. To which I told him I had only seen a chiropractor for sports related ankles injuries. He then went on to explain that he thought he could help me. As such, after a very thorough exam the doctor adjusted my mid spine and wow! Just like that I felt almost complete relief. I was amazed, shocked and a little confused about what had just happened. I had not had a single shred of relief in over 5 years, just like that 80% of the pain was gone. I asked him what had just happened. He explained in detail my problem and that it was something he has actually seen a lot in other baseball players. He went on to say that I had a pinched nerve in my neck and mid back that was causing numbness, tingling and pain that ran down my arm. I was floored, I had probably seen ten of the best orthopedic doctors about my shoulder and back, and only he was the one that found the problem. I was so changed by the encounter that when I graduated with my Master’s degree on a Friday. I packed all my belonging up and moved 3 hours away from home and started at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City that next Monday morning.”

Dr. Weber sees a number of different conditions in his office. Anything from sports injuries, to motor vehicle accidents, workers comp, trauma cases etcetera. His passion is family care, he has done many hours of post graduate education in pregnancy and pediatrics. Dr. Weber also is a firm believer in  wellness care. His philosophy is that, “its easier to keep someone well than to bring them back from the brink.”   He has developed a number of programs that everybody loves for families or individuals that can make it affordable for all. He goes on to say, “we are on a mission here. People are hurting a thousand different ways that chiropractic care can help. Our duty is to offer a place and solution to everyone who needs our help so that their lives are not destroyed by poor health.”

Chiropractor Pace FL Dan Jarboe Meet The Team
Chiropractic Physician

Dan Jarboe BS, DC

Dr. Dan Jarboe has always had a great ambition for understanding the complexity of health and wellness. He constantly strives to gain more knowledge and experience to better his clinical skills. A Michigan native, he is happy to have escaped the snow and joined the outstanding team at Modern Chiropractic in sunny Pace.

Dr. Jarboe attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, FL. While attending he received additional training in the Graston, Gonstead, Activator, and Thompson techniques with further specialization in Sports Chiropractic. “The opportunities for learning at Palmer were diverse, allowing me to experience many different aspects of the chiropractic profession in a supportive and cultivating environment. I've always believed that the more 'tools' a doctor has in his or her toolbox the more effectively they can help a wide array of individuals in need.”

Throughout high school, undergrad, his chiropractic education, and beyond Dr. Jarboe has been an eager participant in athletics. He competed in everything from soccer to bowling growing up and was an NCAA athlete in tennis and triathlon. These experiences cultivated into the opportunity to provide chiropractic care for student athletes of the University of Miami. "I love working with athletes, as I’ve always been one. Whether I’m helping someone return to the field from an injury or achieve a new peak level of performance it’s an exciting and rewarding experience.”

Away from the office Dr. Jarboe loves being active and outdoors. Between disc golf, tennis, and running he maintains a lively routine. On a slow day you can find him relaxing with friends watching sports or playing a rousing board game.

Chiropractic Pace FL Jayme Weber

Jayme C. Weber RT (R)(MR)(VI)

Jayme Martin Weber was born and raised in middle Tennessee. Currently working at a Sacred Heart Hospital, she previously worked as an Interventional Technologist at Vanderbilt Medical Hospital for 11 years after graduating from Volunteer State Community College.

Driven by the passion she takes pride in providing the best patient care possible. In 2018 she meet the man of her dreams, Dr. Dustin L. Weber DC, and his sweet Goldendoodle fur baby, Roxie. Moving to sunny Pensacola in 2019, they tied the knot in 2020 at a beautiful outdoor wedding in her hometown. Still, Dr. Weber often says you can take the girl out of Tennessee but you can't take Tennessee out of the girl.

Chiropractic Pace FL Brianna About Us
Office Manager

Brianna Bermudez

Hi, I'm Brianna! I graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Ministerial Leadership last year in Jacksonville, FL. Shortly after achieving my degree, I moved out to the Panhandle to be a part of launching Voyage Church. I serve on the worship team and anywhere else I may be needed. I enjoy fitness and overall health. For my free time I am either at the gym or the beach!


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